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We are currently on a medical break as our guitar player Todd, recovers from lung cancer. Please keep him in your prayers.

    Check out the gift our          guitar player Todd received from Zakk Wylde


I Don't Know

Bark at the Moon

Diary of a Madman

No More Tears

The Houston Press

"Outside the Loop, Tribute Bands Rule the Roost"

By Sean McManus Tue., Jan. 27 2015


"One night I caught Houston locals OZZ -- a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne -- opening up for a touring Metallica tribute act, and they were nothing short of mesmerizing. They blew the headliners off the stage. They were so versatile, moving seamlessly from one era to the next without missing a beat. The singer, Iggy, looks and sings like and has the mannerisms of Ozzy."


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